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Give Your House a Boost With These Top Homewares To Own | Gidgets

A home gets built out of bricks and mortar, but when mixed with love and dreams, a house becomes a home. It feels like the most secure place on Earth; it’s the place memories with friends and family are made, no matter how you make them. We all want to turn our lovely place into a beautiful palace; so we select different colours for our walls, we try different roof types or even add a swimming pool to make our home look gorgeous! But sometimes, we’re not sure what items are best suited when it comes to decorating our own homes – especially if you like the option of browsing online (like us!) over shopping at busy homewares stores! 

So, here’s our list of must-have homewares made just for you. 

Resin vase

Your home can be sparkling clean, but without a touch of fresh florals and bright greenery, it’s just not the same. However, you can’t go planting your precious petals in just any old container. Our vote is resin vases. Gidgets has the funkiest collection of vases – you sure aren’t ever going to get bored looking at these in your beautiful home! These vases, also useful as planters, are individually hand finished and painted, made from polyresin. But, they don’t just look good, they work like a charm too! They’re equipped with a drainage hole and plug, should you need it, and are available in both small and medium sizes. All you need to do is make the tough choice of which one to get!

If you’re a dog person, then we’ve got you covered. We can’t go past this cute little guy… Be sure to check him out!

Dog Planter

Pets not so much your thing? Then this planter is the right one for you. It certainly makes visitors giggle, and what’s better than a little laughter flooding the rooms of your home?

Plant Freak Planter


Whether you’re filling your bathrooms or stocking up your summer linen cupboard, finding towels that not only fit your home’s aesthetic but are also good quality can sometimes feel like a chore. Gidgets have a premium selection of towelling that you are sure to love and the best part is you don’t have to feel guilty purchasing. Somerside towels help save our oceans by using 20-30 recycled plastic bottles in each beach towel. These towels absorb twice as much water as other multi purpose towels and are supported by a heavier waffle-weave fabric. When it comes to beach use, Somerside towels are sand resistant, quick dry, lightweight, large and double sided, soft, odour resistant and have a hidden zip pocket to keep your phone and keys safe whilst you swim. Plus, they’e got a hanging hook for ease of storage!

The colours Somerside towels are available in have us reminiscing about long summer days spent in the sun and surf, with salty skin and ice creams in hand. Our favourites are ‘Golden Hour’ and ‘Morrocan Vintage’.  Check them out below!


So your friends are coming over and you haven’t had a single minute to clean and prepare your home, which is usually in a much better state than it is right now. It’s going to be okay! An eye-catching tablecloth draping over your dining table is the perfect way to quickly pull the place together. It doesn’t matter if your kids have left pen marks on the table top or there’s stains from red wine and coffee, your mess is covered with a quality, timeless piece. All your friends will be asking you “where’d you get this?”. Tablecloths at Gidgets are all one-off designs that are block printed by hand in India. They’re generous in size, so much so you can use them as a throw for double beds when you need a splash of colour in the bedroom. Shop the collection here and spice up your kitchen!

 Block Print Double Bedspread or Tablecloth

Table placemats

If groovy tablecloths aren’t for you, then opting for creative placemats is a great way to ease yourself into funky tableware. Pops of colour radiate positive energy and add brightness to the home without drawing away from other feature pieces you may have. Of course, they’re not only easy on the eye, but are incredibly practical too. Cork backed so they stay put while you’re enjoying your delicious home cooked meal, easy to clean and available in sets of four so you can have one for everyone in your family! Choose from three stunning prints – Flamingo, Illama, or Bird Flower – and spice up your dining table in the easiest way we know!


Many interior design pieces will never go out of style… you just need to know which ones to get! Whenever you find yourself decorating your home next, keep this checklist nearby, it’s sure to help you. Whether you draw inspiration from colour palettes or buy everything we’ve listed, we hope this has made decorating even just a tiny bit easier. Don’t forget the most important thing you can do is be true to yourself and your sense of style, that’s sure to make a beautiful home. Shop Gidgets range of premium homewares and level up your interior today.