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The Best Gifts For Women in 2022 | Gidgets

It can be hard to know what the best gifts for women are. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular items on the market and explore the best gift ideas for women of all interests (perfect for any season).

The best gifts for women who love home decor

In 2022, women love making their home their sanctuary and gifts that celebrate a love for home decor are a great idea. Whether they’re fans of antiques or modern pieces, there’s always something for everyone who likes this style. There are just so many options it almost becomes a difficult task once you’ve narrowed down this interest!

You want something that’s thoughtful and design-friendly, working with their current style of home. Luckily, with so many options out there, there are a tonne that fit the bill. Here are some of our favourite gifts for home decor lovers:

These Woodwick Bowl candles are a perfect addition to any home. They’re eco-friendly and handmade in Australia, featuring silver/copper bowls with gorgeous florals to enhance the flavour and style.

This Mid White Kitty Planter is a must-have for women who love some quirky and plant-centric home decor. The white tones make it easy to match but its unique personality brings a pop of personality to the

This Golden Hour Premium Towel might be perfect for the beachside, but it’s also a great addition to the home. Use it as a throw or even as a wall-hanging, ideal for the boho home decor lover in your life.

The best gifts for women who love clothing

There are so many great gifts for women who love clothing in 2022! Some of the best go-to gifts for women who love clothing include stylish and comfortable pieces, as well as new fashion trends – it’s easier to opt for a comfortable, stylish statement piece as you know they won’t have any disappointments! Here are our favourite staples for women who love clothing:

The Stevie Skirt is a classic boho staple for any woman with a love for all things individual and unique. Each skirt is an exclusive piece, with no two the same, made from cut offs of silk blend fabrics. These skirts are so soft, so gorgeous, and versatile as ever! They can be worn over the chest as a strapless dress if desired. The Stevie Skirt is just to die for!

This Western Duster is an irresistible staple piece for any clothes-loving woman! It’s made in India from a soft and lightweight silk/viscose in stunning cherry and aqua tones and comes with a matching sash. It can be worn in so many ways and is perfect for giving a little colour and statement to any season – perfect for any woman in your life!

This gorgeous silk blend Mahala Wrap Dress is the most amazing choice for any woman. It feels soft and smooth on your skin, with a breathable, light fabric that merges style and comfort. The nature of this wrap dress makes it perfect for doing a little spin and its stunning pink and blue tones make it the perfect fit for any occasion. It’ll make her feel like a real star!

The best gifts for women who love fashion accessories

When it comes to gift-giving for women, accessories are as universally loved as clothing items. Whether you’re shopping for a fashionista friend or a woman who loves to add a little edge to her look, we’ve got the perfect picks for you in 2022. From delicate earrings and necklaces to statement rings and colourful scarves, these gifts will have your gal feeling pretty damn stylish no matter what she’s wearing. Plus, the best thing about accessories is that you can never go wrong! The right accessory will look great with any outfit or style and can be included into any wardrobe with ease. Here are our top picks for accessories to give the fashion-loving woman in your life:

This Velvet Bucket Bag is just adorable! It has a beautiful feel with intricate beading in a lovely bohemian pattern. It also features a separate zipped compartment with two separate side pockets for keeping all the essentials at bay. It’s a great addition to any outfit, whether it’s for a casual or formal event. This bag is a great gift idea for any woman, it’s the kind of bag dreams are made of!

This Maisie Scarf isn’t your average accessory idea, but it certainly won’t disappoint. It’s made from a soft  silk/viscose with a vintage print and is perfect for wearing as a scarf or a super-stylish headpiece. It features decorative tassels on the corners and is ideal for achieving a flowing, bohemian-goddess look. If the woman in your life has curls, she may find even more use out of this than you could

We can’t get enough of this Chloe Necklace and we know the woman in your life will feel the same. It features gorgeous natural stones in a beautiful layered design that makes it easy to just pop on and feel like a fashion icon. It’s the kind of necklace that will suit any style and act as a stunning statement piece. If she’s in-love with boho style? This necklace, handmade in India, will never disappoint

If you’re looking for the best gifts for women in 2022, be sure to check out these products. They’ll be sure to fall in love with these staple pieces and they’ll definitely appreciate the thought. For more gift inspiration for women in 2022, explore the full collection at Gidgets, or even consider giving the gift of choice with a Gidgets Gift Card. We’re sure she’ll easily find something to fall in love with…