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Men’s Care Items – Assorted


Three fantastic men’s care herbal products. Made in Australia.

A beautiful range of herbal blends grown and made in Western Australia.

Socks and Jocks – two pocket size sachets. A mix of oils and botanicals are in these sachets. They have a fresh and woody aroma and protect your possessions from insects. Place amongst socks and jocks, in briefcases, sports bags and suit pockets. Packed in flannelette check (assorted colours).

Heat Pack – a herbal heat pack made with removable cover with wheat and Australian native plant materials. The heat pack can be heated or cooled to soothe tired muscles. Packed in flannelette check (assorted colours).

Car Fragrance Sachet – aromatherapy for your car. You and your passengers will be relaxed with this stylish fragrant sachet.



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Heat Pack, Socks & Jocks, Car Fragrance