Gloves - Assorted


The softest, warmest gloves ever to compliment your wardrobe.

Fingerless Gloves are perfect to keep your hands warm, while still being to use your fingers without having to take the gloves off.  I use these in our warehouse so i can still type and write while I am working.  Available in a few colours, and match our hats and clothing.

These Knits are made from a Mohair/Acrylic Blend – so not only are they very warm, they’re also incredibly soft to wear – and not at all scratchy on the skin.

These knits are not mass produced – they are created by hand with the old traditional knitting machines in Indonesia.

Cienna has been supporting this family for over 15 years.


Black, Fern, Grey, Khaki, Mushroom, Mustard, Navy, Oat, Rust, Wine