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Aches and Pains Balm – Ninas Bees


Bees Wax Body Products made in the Blue Mountains of Australia

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Nina’s Bees Aches and Pains Muscle Rub is lovingly handcrafted at our boutique apiary in the Blue Mountains, using only the finest organic and/or cold pressed oils and our beeswax. This 100% pure botanical & beeswax balm provides a natural warming sensation.

My inspiration for this product was my father-in-law. He is a keen golfer but often would feel stiff early in the morning. I have infused organic olive oil with arnica flowers and comfrey to add potency to the balm. My grandma ( babushka) taught me how to use arnica as a medicinal herb in everyday life. Arnica grows everywhere in Russia and is well known for its medicinal qualities in reducing pain and swelling associated with bruises, sprains and arthritis. Comfrey has been used for healing since ancient times. Dioscorides, author of one of the oldest herbal texts, ‘Materia Medica’ 50 AD, prescribed the plant to heal wounds and broken bones. The name comfrey is believed to come from Latin ‘confera’, meaning knitting together. It is suggested comfrey assists the body to heal any part that is torn or broken, which also explains the reason for another common name, knitbone.  I have added ginger and cayenne pepper to the blend to promote blood flow to the area where balm is applied.

Carefully chosen herbs and natural oils provide a warm sensation on your skin upon application, increasing blood supply to the area. Good oils and herbs work together to reduce inflammation and pain. Essential oils of wintergreen & juniper leaf are believed to be antibacterial, stimulates blood circulation around the affected tissue while alleviating pain.

Apply a pea size amount of Muscle Balm to the skin, massage gently.


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