Importance of beads in fashion accessories

Why Beads Are Such A Crucial Accessory For The Bohemian Style

When talking about bohemian style, aside from patterns and floral prints, beads also come to mind. Beaded accessories have a long history in fashion and have been widely popular for centuries. Beads are an important fashion accessory for all styles, especially for the bohemian style.

We’ll show you how you can make your outfits more interesting with beaded accessories!

What Are Beads?

Beads are tiny objects used to decorate different items such as clothes, curtains, and most commonly fashion accessories. These can come in various shapes and are often small, not any bigger than your palm.

Beads can be made of materials like glass, plastic, wood, pearl, shell, stone, and even bone. There is a hole in the middle where the string is inserted to put the bead in place.

Fun fact: Did you know that there was a time when early civilizations made use of beads as a currency?

Why Use Beads In Fashion Accessories?

Throughout the centuries, beads have always had significant importance in fashion accessories. Safe to say that early forms of jewellery often made use of beads. In fact, beadwork is a craft that is highly looked up to even to this day.

The importance of beads in fashion accessories is even more prominent in the bohemian style. Not only do beads add extra oomph to any object, but they also serve as a way to express yourself and your individuality. 

The variety in shapes and sizes of beads makes it possible for you to create accessories that give off the particular vibe you are aiming for.

What Are Some Popular Types Of Beads?

You can find a lot of beads and beaded accessories in the market. The options are endless and you can easily find one that fits your boho style. Here are some of the popular types of beads in bohemian fashion:


Wooden beads

Made of natural material, wooden beads may not be as luxurious-looking as the sparkly ones but they are just as lovely. They come in different shapes and colours and are known for being durable.

Wooden beads are perfect if you want to go for an earthy look. A nice example is the Aqua Tone Necklace with rounded beads in tones of aquas and greens. The accessory adds a natural vibe to the overall outfit.


Stone beads

Natural but more delicate than wooden beads, stone beads are a beautiful addition to accessories like necklaces. These are typically made of stones like lime, white, and black stone.

Accessories with stone beads like the Lucia Necklace are a great way to upgrade your outfit. Stone beads look good when paired with other natural materials like shells.


Glass beads

Glass beads come in many colours and often with a glossy finish. This type of bead is widely used in jewellery-making may it be in boho fashion or any other style. Truly versatile!

Glass beaded accessories add a pop of colour to plain outfits. For the Believe Orange Tassel Necklace, the glass beads are combined with a metal disc and a tassel of the same colour.

How to Choose the Right Type of Bead for Your Style?

With all the beads in different shapes, sizes, and materials, how do you choose the one that fits your style? This can be quite tricky but we’ve got some tips for you.


Determine the vibe you are going for

Before picking the right bead for you, ask yourself first what kind of ensemble you want. Are you planning to cop a laidback look or something that is more gypsy-like? 

By knowing what you want, you will be able to pick the perfect beaded accessory for you.

We love how the bohemian patterned dress was paired with the Turquoise Love Necklace. The silver, black, and turquoise colours of the beads look harmonious with the dress. The charms of the necklace added to the gypsy vibe that the dress was giving off.


Match the colour of your clothes

Unsure of the kind of bead that fits your outfit? Try putting on a beaded accessory of the same colour. 

Colour-coordinating is an easy hack in choosing accessories that will look great with your clothes. Ideally, clothing pieces of the same colour or shade look good together.

In this outfit, the black top is accessorised with the SA1163 Necklace which similarly is predominantly black. The other elements of the necklace— the silver metal snake chain, silver beads, and trinket— add sophistication to the entire look.


Consider the material of the bead

As mentioned earlier, bead materials exude different vibes. Wooden and stone beads are best for earthy and natural looks while glass beads are for fancier styles.

Donning a plain tube top, well-kept hair, and dewy makeup, this look is aiming for a natural approach. This makes the Bernie Necklace the perfect accessory for this because of its stone beads, shells, and metal charms.

How to Wear Beaded Accessories?

Beaded accessories either blend with your outfit or stand out. So, how do you wear them?

Play with layers

Layering isn’t just for clothes but can be applied to accessories too. Don’t be afraid to add different layers of accessories. The importance of beads in fashion accessories is evident in bohemian style so layers of beads are welcome.

The Chloe Necklace shows us that layering accessories will spice up your ensemble. Featured are three layers of necklaces with an assortment of natural coloured stones, silver and gold discs, and metal trinkets.


Pair with leather

Leather is one material often associated with the bohemian style. You can definitely combine your beaded items with leather accessories and still look chic.

Handmade in India, the Navy Leather Bracelet highlights both leather and beads. The two materials blend well and give off an earthy tone.


Use as a statement piece

Beaded accessories are not just limited to jewellery such as necklaces and bracelets. You can also flaunt your beads through bags and purses. 

These make great statement pieces that will surely catch attention thanks to the beaded details.

Colourful beads and embroidery make the Khaki Colour Clutch Bag stand out. The design is very bold and will surely turn heads. We sure do love how the colours of this piece pop.

Want a beaded accessory that is subtle yet lovely? Check out this Denim Clutch Bag with gorgeous grey piping, raised beads, pompom, and tassel. The colour is not too eye-catching but the intricate details make it a stunning statement piece.

Where Can You Buy Beaded Accessories?

Beaded accessories are popular with women all over the world. Boho chic lovers know the importance of beads in fashion accessories. They add interest to any outfit and can be worn in many different ways.

If you are looking for beaded accessories, you can score beautiful pieces from the boho brands at our store.