How to: Choose the Perfect Gift for Any Woman | Gidgets

It can be hard to choose the perfect gift for a woman – there’s just so much to choose from! When it comes to gifting on any occasion, it truly is the thought that counts. However, when presenting a gift to the special woman in your life, you want something unique that they’ll be able to cherish for years to come. While some women expect and even crave diamonds, others might prefer something more personal and humble. It’s best to pay close attention to what kind of gift they’d enjoy most – being thoughtful really does make all the difference! 

With all of the different options available, it can be even harder to know what to buy. This blog will help you choose the best gift for women of all kinds.

Figure out what she loves


Take some time to think about what the woman you’re shopping for actually likes. Women appreciate gifts that show your appreciation and how much you cherish them, so it really is important to stay in touch with who they really are and shop along those lines. Women enjoy receiving memorable presents. It’s up to you to decide whether she’ll find flowers, jewellery, fashion, or even some adorable accessories the most enjoyable. 

Look to the past


When shopping for any woman in your life, it’s important to know who she is and what she wants, but it’s also a good idea to consider where she’s come from. And we’re not just talking about location… if she’s just graduated, obtained a new job, gotten married, or even adopted a pet into her life, you can use these experiences as an idea on what to purchase for her. Getting her a gift that highlights her achievements, milestones and overall growth will show her just how much you care and understand her. It’s also more likely that your gift will be functional and will follow her in her journeys to come. 

Include a bit of yourself


No, we’re not saying buy her your favourite album and be done with it. (Although, if you think it’d mean a lot to her…) The truth is, women appreciate thoughtful gifts that come from the heart, so a gift that incorporates your relationship with her or your own talents can show her just how important she is in your life. You could create a piece of art for her if you’re an artist, write a song if you’re a musician, or even just give her a sentimental gift that acts as a reminder to a funny or special time you’ve spent together. These kinds of gifts can mean a lot more to women in the long run. 

Think about the details


When the thought counts, the small details in a gift for women can mean a whole lot. Don’t just give her a phone, give her a phone loaded with her favourite music, or make her screensaver that picture you both can’t stop laughing at. Don’t just give her a piece of jewellery, wrap it in gorgeous packaging and leave a special note that expresses why you think this piece is perfect for her. These small, simple and easy details won’t be missed in her appreciation and will ensure any gift you give her will be perfect.

Great gift ideas for women


Once you know what you’re looking for, the process of gift-giving becomes a whole lot easier. However, finding the perfect gift can cause a little, shall we say, anxiety?! There are thousands of stores and options at your disposal, and searching for that one special gift can become more overwhelming than just figuring out what they’d like. That’s why at Gidgets, we have everything you need and more for the woman in your life. We’ve developed a basic guide for the best gift ideas for women of all kinds. 

  • Candles

Candles are a great gift for women. Even if they’re not the main gift, when added to a package of goodies for your favourite girl, a candle always goes a long way. They offer relaxation, appeal to the senses, look gorgeous, and really help fill a home. If you’re looking for a long-lasting, gorgeous candle in a useful container they can repurpose even after the candle is gone, these Woodwick Candles are a great option.


  • Planters

If you’re shopping for a woman with a green-thumb, planters are a great gift idea. Plants themselves can be tough to choose, keep, and don’t always last, but a gorgeous and quirky planter will last no matter how many plants she goes through. There are a range of different styles of planters, but our favourites are these Roo and Plant Freak Planters.


  • Bath Soaks/Scrubs

Every woman deserves a little luxury and there’s nothing better than gifting her a self-care hamper filled with body scrubs, bath soaks, and whatever other luxury items will help her feel on top of the world. At Gidgets, we have a gorgeous collection of scrubs, milk baths, and bath soaks perfect for treating her to a healthy dose of luxury. 


  • Jewellery

Okay, yes, jewellery is one of the most common gift ideas to give women. How can you go wrong with jewellery? We recommend considering the kind of styles and even personality she rocks to get the perfect new item for her. Here are some of our faves for showing recognition for her unique and free-spirited lifestyle:

  • Clothing

Women love their clothing and sometimes there’s no better gift than a stunning addition to her wardrobe. Consider buying her dream dress, shirt, skirt, or even giving the gift of choice with a gift card from her favourite place. May we recommend a Gidgets Gift Card for all her many needs…

  • Chocolate

You can’t go wrong with chocolate – even as a small addition to your main gift item. For a little personal touch, our Message Blocks are the perfect choice. Need we say more?

Choosing a gift for any woman can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. If you just follow these simple steps and remember that the thought really does count for most women, you’ll find the perfect gift, every time. For more gift ideas, explore our full range of gifts, homewares and more at Gidgets here.