Everything to know about Tribal Fashion

Everything You Need to Know About Tribal Fashion | Gidgets

Tribal fashion is popular among fashion enthusiasts who wish to show their individuality and express themselves through clothes. Although modern tribal clothing looks very different from traditional outfits, the styles are inspired by people’s roots and shared history. The tribal/ethnic designs are both trendy and eye-catching. These designs look great on all women; they’re flattering and add a unique touch to any appearance.

Tribal dresses and jewelry are no longer just a trend; they have become a new style statement. All age groups are using trendy and stylish tribal prints. Tribal clothing is popular among teens and adults who still crave something unique to add to their outfits. One of the significant reasons tribal dresses are so popular is that they feel exotic.

In this blog, we’ll highlight how to incorporate tribal clothing into your wardrobe by breaking down the diverse garments into their basic variations. We’ll also provide styling tips and advice on mixing and matching these styles accordingly while channeling each of the various tribal looks that have made a fashion statement all their own.

Who can wear tribal clothing?

Tribal fashion is a very versatile style. It can easily be worn by people of all ages and body types, regardless of your height or weight. However, tribal prints are bolder than other print styles so only those who want to make a statement will wear them in public. For example, if you’re going for that urban chic look but want to maintain an elegant flair as well then tribal print clothing is certainly not for you. However, if you want to bring attention to yourself and stand out from others then go ahead and try it out! But keep in mind how comfortable you feel when wearing it because that should always come first when deciding on what to wear.

Many tribes around the world have their own unique designs which have been passed down through generations, so be sure to be considerate in your choice to respect cultures and their history. But remember to always have fun when choosing the right look for you!

Types of Tribal Fashion

Tribal fashion is rooted in different cultures across the world. Specifically, it has roots in North African and Middle Eastern cultures that date back thousands of years. It involves much more than clothing, though – it involves colour palettes, body paint, jewelry and more! While traditional tribal fashion is rare to find these days (as it’s not typically associated with modern cultures), there are still some ways to pay homage to its history. Here’s everything you need to know about wearing tribal fashion!

  • Tribal Tops

Tribal blouses tend to be off-the-shoulder in style with an asymmetrical hemline (sleeves cut longer on one side than another). During colder weather, tribal blouses can be worn over other shirts for extra warmth without sacrificing style. Most often, these tops are paired with pants, capris or skirts that compliment their unique fabrics. They may also be layered underneath coats or sweaters as the seasonal option when temperatures drop. If you wear mostly professional clothing each day and you want something fun for warmer weather, try a few pieces of African print styles that offer both comfort and traditional beauty.

Here are a few of our choice picks:

  • Tribal Dresses

As one of the most popular fashion trends on Instagram, tribal dresses are clothing items that resemble stereotypical Native American designs. These garments are especially known for their bold and colourful patterns. From a distance, they appear to be sheer and lacy. However, closer inspection will reveal that tribal dresses can be made from many different fabrics and materials. Some offer more coverage than others. Most of these pieces also have high slits in them and give women who wear them a lot of freedom when it comes to movement. Tribal dresses often feature embellishments such as intricate beadwork or feathers, though some may have all-over embellishment instead. No matter what they look like up close, there’s no doubt that tribal dresses make quite an impression!

Here are a couple of tribal dresses you can’t miss:

  • Tribal Pants

Made of cotton and inspired by African looks, tribal pants are a cultural trend that came into popularity around 2000. These pants can be easily identified by their traditional African print with bold geometric shapes and bright colours like blue, red, orange and yellow. The best way to wear these types of trousers is to keep your clothing simple such as pairing it with a plain t-shirt or a button up shirt. You could also pair them with one of our tribal tops.

Here are a few tribal pants to help get you inspired:

  • Tribal Sweater

To buy a tribal sweater, you need to take a look at your wardrobe and choose whether you are trying to match a motif or want to use it as an accent piece. To make sure that it looks right with your other outfits, take these things into consideration when buying a tribal sweater: What is its shape? Where will you wear it? Is it an oversized item or something more fitted? What colours will you mix and match with it? These questions will help determine what kind of outfit you should create when putting together an outfit around your newly purchased sweater.

Here are three tribal sweater designs from Gidgets:

  • Tribal Jackets

Starting with a classic piece, like a tribal jacket, you’ll be on your way to tribal fashion perfection in no time. Tribal jackets can be worn any time of year as they add interest to any outfit. One of our favourite ways to wear one is with a simple long skirt, jeans or even shorts during summer and layered over long sleeves during winter. An ethnic bag and high heels will seal your look.

Here are Gidgets favourite tribal jacket pieces:

Future of Tribal Fashion

Tribal fashion is here to stay. Fashion designers are finding new ways to take on tribal clothing, adapting designs and patterns for a wider range of demographics, not just those with personal connections to these traditions. Modern use of tribal clothing (and culture) often sparks controversy, but there’s no question that it’s popular and will remain so for years to come. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to get clear on how to rock the tribal fashion look now and know what you can wear without stepping on anyone’s toes!


Tribal fashion encourages vibrant and edgy patterns and prints to perfect spring and summer wear. These can give your personality an exotic, modern touch with a creative flair. With a great variety of clothing options available, you can easily include this trend into your attire for any occasion. There are prints and patterns which work for office wear, casual looks, parties, or even when dressing up for festivals! Explore our full range of tribal fashion trends here if you want a rousing look that stands out from the rest of the crowd.