Why We Use Old Traditional Knitting Machines To Make Our Ultra-Snug Knits (Watch How!)

At Gidgets, we believe in supporting slow fashion and fair trade, much like our sister brand, Cienna Designs. A lot of our knits (or, really, almost all of them) are not mass-produced, but made by hand (and with a lot of love) on old traditional knitting machines in Indonesia. We know that the free-spirit values of any boho goddess deserve clothing that rises to these standards and so we enjoy stocking Cienna Designs knits every season for this purpose.

You might ask: “Is this really a good thing?”

Sure, you may wonder if we’re just taking advantage of Indonesian work and outsourcing to cut costs. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Cienna Designs have been supporting the same Indonesian family for over 15 years now, ensuring that money flows back where it needs to. And we’ve been stocking Cienna Designs’ favourites since we started up. 

It also means that our knits are able to be made with love, instead of produced in a factory, on old traditional knitting machines that achieve design and style like no other, by a family that is proud of their work. 

It’s supporting fair trade – all part of the Gidgets family way!

How do the old traditional knitting machines work?

There are actually so many different types of old traditional knitting machines still being used today. 

Most of these styles are still quite automated, such as the computerized knitting machine. However, our Indonesian family uses the Hand Knitting Machine – otherwise known as the Flat Knitting V-Bed – that is widely used for knitting sweater parts and is a manual, flat knitting machine. 

This means that the production of our knits are infused with time, effort, and love, and that every Cienna Designs knit we make available is as unique as the next. 

Just take a look at this video of our knit production:

I mean, how cool is that?!

The real reason we use old traditional knitting machines in Indonesia for our knits?

Because every design can be handcrafted with love. It really is as simple as that.

Our love for India and Indonesia is already paramount in all our designs so it just wouldn’t feel right to embody their style and eccentricity in boring, Australian-made factories. Sure, we love supporting our local economy, but we also understand that there’s a time and place for Australian-made and our knits are not it. 

(We make some of our other products in Australia instead!)

We enjoy having unique pieces that are never exactly alike and instead give you the feeling of a homemade, handcrafted, loved piece that is filled with history: exactly what makes our knits so cosy and warm.

Oh, and the fact they support an Indonesian family in such a beneficial way. 

We all want to rug up in a warm jumper that aligns with our free-spirit values…

Just see what our customers have to say about our ultra-cosy knits!

“Soo soft and comfortable! My Lush Cardi just arrived and it’s gorgeous. Had to wear it straight away as it’s so snuggly. Love the colour. The extra jewellery gift was a fun surprise – thank you!” – Joanne M. on the Lush Cardi in Wine

“Winter comfort. I have only just received it but it fits well and is cosy.” – Jo K. on the Nia Poncho

Our favourite fair-trade knits for the cold season

So, now that you’ve heard all there is to know about how we make our knits, it’s time to check out the kind of eccentric designs we’re able to sell as a result. 

Just check out these incredible knit fits:

The Stripe Cardi is a lovely soft and cosy mohair blend striped cardigan.

This lovely Combo Blue Sweater is adorable, it also comes with matching gloves, a beanie and a scarf!

The Lush Cardi in Wine is an irresistible, soft and snuggly fit.

Much like the Combo Blue Sweater, this Combo Pink Sweater has the ultimate winter vibes!

This Rib Beanie in Charcoal isn’t just so warm, but also incredibly soft to wear.

This Mix Roll Neck Poncho is a mohair/acrylic blend, with the stripe colour order varying on each individual item.

At Gidgets, we believe slow fashion and fair trade makes a real difference to high-quality designs and pieces. We stock knits from Cienna Designs as they’re not mass-produced but, instead, made by hand, and with love, on old traditional knitting machines in Indonesia. We know it’ll support a family that needs it and we’re proud to stock these knits year round as a result. The best part? It means no two knits are perfectly alike but, instead, possess an individual quality that’s much like your super-unique personality and style.

Explore our full range of knits here to enjoy the best of comfort, style, and sustainability.