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Whether you’ve just gotten a new job, have been doing the daily grind for a while, or are returning to work after working from home through the pandemic, dressing for the office can be a struggle. You need something that’s the perfect combination of professional and flattering, that shows the world how good you are at what you do but doesn’t put all the focus on you (as much as that might be the goal in your other outfits). 

Building a functional office wardrobe isn’t as difficult as it seems, all you need is the right styling advice and a simple guide that’ll point you in the right direction. This blog will give you all the basics on what to wear in the office, so you can feel confident and express your best self.


The basics of office wear

There are generally four types of corporate dress codes when it comes to what you wear in the office. Business formal, business professional, business casual and casual.

there are four types of corporate dress codes when it comes to what to wear in the office

Business formal means tailored pantsuit or skirt suits paired with conservative accessories – it’s for employees who are expected to maintain a high standard in their appearance. 

Business professional calls for conservative and traditional attire but allows more flexibility in colour and pattern choice. Women tend to wear suits or skirts, tops, and jackets paired with more expressive jewellery – such as chunky watches or statement pieces.

Business casual means you don’t need to opt for the pumps and stockings every day. Obviously, a certain level of professionalism is in order, but you can get away with simple skirts, slacks or khakis with a cardigan or jacket (if weather permits). You have much more freedom in your choice of jewellery and other accessories.

Casual attire in the workplace is actually some of the trickiest to style. You still need to maintain a level of professionalism, despite this title. Your best bet is to make sure your clothes are still pressed, neat and appropriate for the type of work you do. Women can wear nicely-fitting tops and blouses, slacks or skirts, with fun patterns and colours acceptable in all settings. 

Here are just a few basic guidelines for workplace attire:

Model what your boss wears, using them as a guide for what you should be wearing

  • Avoid items that make you look dishevelled
  • If your office doesn’t have a dress code, you still shouldn’t be wearing clothes that you would wear to the gym or on the couch. Make sure you stay professional in all regards. For example, jeans are an acceptable attire but ensure they aren’t ripped, tattered or frayed. When you first start, it’s better to be cautious and “overdressed” to begin with, until you have a clear understanding of what the dress code is. 
  • Wear clothes that are well-made, fit right and look good as new
  • Avoid style statements – work wear needs to look smart, sharp and crisp and stick to conventions. Leave the statement pieces for your weekends and nights out!
  • Ensure hair and grooming is well kept and that makeup isn’t overdone


Choosing the right styles and colours to wear to the office is such an important issue. Depending on your office environment or what company you work for, certain colours, fabrics and outfit choices can signify meaning that people subconsciously pick up. 

Here are some of the best colours to wear in the office:

  • Green – this colour evokes thoughts of freshness, safety and harmony. It’s also associated with money and the “go” signal of a traffic light which are both great characteristics to have in the workplace. It’s restful on the eyes and produces the least amount of eyestrain apparently, making this a great choice for people who work mainly on computers. 
  • Blue – this colour is associated with wisdom and high intellect. If you want to look like an expert in your field? Wear blue. It also has a strong emotional correspondence with stability, so it helps stimulate conversation with clients for bank employees and financiers. The latest research confirms that people who wear blue to work get promoted faster… which is definitely something to consider!
  • Black – black is associated with formality and elegance and is an office-favourite. It’s also considered to be the colour of leadership which is a great choice for managers and bosses. 
  • Brown – this is the colour of stability. It’s also seen as masculent, but, as a woman, it can give you credibility if you choose to don this colour. 

Try to avoid yellow, grey and red as these colours can be unstable and aggressive. Grey can balance out a brighter colour to offset the negative effect, however on its own is a colour to avoid!

Just look at how elegant these colours can make an outfit look:

This elegant green Sakina top conveys professionalism, with a hint of personality on the side.

This all-black Bomber Jacket look still achieves a casual/business casual look with just an ounce of flare.

This gorgeous blue Laurel Blouse is the perfect fit for implementing into any office style.


As mentioned above, your style definitely depends on the kind of attire your workplace calls for. However, there are a few items that you need in your wardrobe as they’re the perfect staples for the office:

  • A classic trench coat – choose a fit that allows you to layer without looking too bulky or tight
  • A versatile blazer – invest in a blazer with a slightly oversized fit to maximise your “chicness”
  • A carry-all bag – choose a high-quality material that will hold up with everyday use
  • Comfortable trousers you can sit in all day – opt for styles in a neutral colour with a bit of give to make them both versatile and comfortable
  • A pair of comfortable heels – a mid-height block heel is the perfect choice for comfort
  • An office-appropriate dress – midi length hems make for a wearable option year-round

Gidgets Office Attire

Okay, so we’ve given you all our tips and tricks on what to wear in the office. But what would really help? A few example pieces to inspire your styling-spree. Some of us learn by example, don’t we?! 

Here are some of our top Gidgets office choices:

There is no one perfect outfit for every occasion, but with a little bit of knowledge and some inspiration, you can find the right mix of clothes that will make you look professional and comfortable at the same time.

We hope this blog helps you with what to wear in the office but, if you need more inspiration or to find your next favourite work outfit, explore the full range at Gidgets here