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Gidgets top 5 ways to style a kimono

Top 5 Ways To Style a Kimono | Gidgets

Kimonos really are a unique and special way to enhance any outfit. Not only are they beautiful additions to your wardrobe, they’re also a super versatile piece that works with a range of styles – and seasons! With a range of prints and designs, you’ll never run out of ways to work a kimono into your outfit and make the most of any look.

Here are 5 easy ways to style your kimono:


1. Style your kimono with denim jeans and a neutral tee

This look is a classic way to work a kimono. The perfect all-seasons staple look of cut-off denim jeans and a neutral tee can get a bit tired and dull after a while. This is where the kimono comes in – it’s a fantastic way to brighten up this look and bring it back on trend. With such a basic style underneath, it also means you can go crazy with your choice of kimono print. Better yet? This look is also great for keeping comfortable, casual, and stylish, while still being office-ready. 

Just check out how effective this style works with this Tara Kimono:

2. Enhance a jumpsuit with a fun kimono

Though it might sound like a risk to some, kimonos do a really good job of enhancing a jumpsuit. It creates an elegant, breezy look and feel that works in the office, on a lunch date, or even for a more casual-style event. It heightens your outfit and, for those of us that know the struggle of finding the perfect outerwear for your jumpsuits, it’s the perfect solution to adding layers without ruining the look.

Just take a look at how this Western Duster creates an elegant finish:

enhance a jumpsuit with a fun kimono like this Western Duster

We’d like to note that kimonos work for all your one-piece items too. If you want to dress down your LBD or tight-fitting party dress, kimonos are a go-to solution. They’ll give you so much wear out of your wardrobe and mean you don’t have to wait for the super special occasions to wield these fits.

3. Use a kimono to break up a monochromatic outfit

In early 2022, runways reinstated monochromatic outfits as a high-fashion styling trick. Wearing a single shade is a simpler, cleaner approach to putting an outfit together and can achieve a super striking look. Though this fashion trend is super stylish, it can also get a little dull in overuse. For those of us that can’t pull away from an all-black (or even all-white) look, a kimono is a super handy tool for adding a pop of colour, without shying away from elegance. 

It can also be one of the best ways to show off your kimono statement piece, without overdoing it. The colours, design, and personality of your kimono become center stage, giving it a professional and stylish feel. 

Just look at how gorgeous these Tie Dye Kimonos look alongside a white monochromatic outfit:

This look features a Rust Tie Dye Kimono, perfect for giving life to the sunny season

This outfit makes the most of the Storm Tie Dye Kimono, great for all seasons especially winter!

These looks have gone to the next level, making sure all the featured accessories are in-line with the colours of the kimono, causing the look to really stand out. 

Plus, it’s a great way to feel more confident in those white pants!

4. Pull your “fun in the sun” summer look together with a kimono

When the sunny season hits, it can be a little hard to find an interesting way to style your outfits. The crop top and shorts look might work on its own, but when you’ve been wearing the same look for weeks at a time, it can start to get a little tired and dull.

It’s so easy to enhance this style by opting for a beautiful kimono, in bright colours and designs that speak for the season. Better yet, it’s a great way to stay sun safe, making it a gorgeous go-to look for vacations, days by the beach, or just a trip to the market.

It can also be a handy way to deal with changing seasons, when the weather is still warm through the day but the evening brings a chill. It offers the perfect lightweight solution to dealing with a slight wind and saves you having to carry around a bulky denim jacket or coat all day long! A kimono folds perfectly into any bag, making it a great versatile piece. 

Just look at how these outfits have used a kimono to enhance a super-simple and casual summer look:

This Mahala Ocean Kimono in tones of navy, white and grey creates a stunning look and evokes thoughts of the water on a hot day.

This Red Ciara Kimono really stands out and turns a simple summer look into a gorgeous expression of personality and style.

This Ciara Kimono in Olive is absolutely stunning and makes a real statement alongside a really simple outfit.

5. Use a kimono as the perfect beach cover up

If you want to elevate your look on the beachside, a kimono really is a great option. Not only does it create a super cute look, but it can also give you a little bit of extra protection from the sun or summer breeze. Better yet, if you’re a little self-conscious, kimonos can help you feel confident and elegant in your swimwear, while still being swim-ready.

You’ll really stand out on the beachside when you strut across the sand in your favourite swimwear, with your kimono trailing behind in the wind like some kind of bohemian goddess. 

Just imagine how gorgeous you’ll feel in this Japanese Duster as you read your book by the waves and rest your feet on the sand:

Use a kimono as the perfect beach cover up

We really can’t get enough of how well kimonos tie any outfit together. They’re a super versatile piece that helps you make the most of your wardrobe and can enhance any style you’re rocking. The numerous prints and designs make it easy to find the perfect piece for you and, better yet? They’re so comfortable! We hope these suggestions on how to style kimonos will inspire you for your next look.

But, if you need further inspiration, take a glance at our full collection of kimonos here.

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