top 5 cute and comfy looks for the cold season

Top 5 Cute And Comfy Looks For The Cold Season | Gidgets

The change to winter means saying goodbye to some of our favourite summer pieces and hello to a lot of layering. While some might relish the chance to finally pull out their wooly staples, others despise the thought of looking more bulky than stylish. Regardless of what season you like the most, we’ve developed the top 5 cute and comfy looks to help you rock the cold season, no matter the occasion.

1. The Casual and Cute Cardi and Skirt Combo

elsa skirt and juanita cardigan

When the cold season comes, there’s nothing better than feeling cozy and cute in a baggy cardigan that you can snuggle up in. Which is why we love this Juanita cardigan and Elsa skirt combo! It’s perfect for staying casual and warm, while still being great for those warmer autumn days.

Yes, you can do a little spin in it, but we also love the idea of long skirts in colder months as it combines the right amount of comfort while still staying stylish as ever. It’s a subtle reminder that skirts don’t have to fall to the back of your closet in the cold months and is great for all occasions.

2. The Simple Jumper, Pants and Accessory Look

Casual cable top and accessory cold season look

This look is one of our very favourites for the cold season! Though it’s simple, this elegant combination of the Katie Cable Top in cream, Corduroy pants, Wool Fedora and Velvet Bag is perfect for all occasions. Whether you’re just running errands, out to a cold-morning market, or just want something stylish and sleek to wear on a day out, this look is the perfect cold season style.

You can easily recreate it with your own selection of jumper, pants, and accessories, but we find the Katie Cable Top an amazing cold-season staple for all your looks.

3. The Duster For All Seasons

Okay, we can never get enough of this Western Duster in any season, but for the cold season? It’s a great addition to your wardrobe. Its stunning colour and design help you stand out from any crowd, and its effective use of coverage is great for creating a layered but chic look for the cold months.

Style it as above with a long-sleeve, a pair of jeans, and some stylish boots to give it a gorgeous edge and create an effective autumn/winter look for any occasion.

4. The Super-Cozy Frida Jacket and Jeans Look

frida jacket and jeans super cozy look

When the cold season hits, it’s a good idea to have a range of items that’ll work in different temperatures, especially if you’re in locations where autumn days remain a little warm. But for the super cold days where you need as much coverage as you can get? This Frida Jacket in blue is the perfect choice.

It’s lined and made with a poly suede fabric and faux fur along the edges, making it a really cozy choice! But we can’t get over how stunning it looks alongside a pair of dark jeans, boots, and a beanie or scarf.

It’s the kind of winter look that dreams are made of and is perfect for staying warm, comfortable and cute!

5. The Layered and Colourful Harta Jacket and Skirt Look

Layered Harta Jacket look

For a cold season look that really makes you stand out from the crowd, this effortless combo of the Harta Jacket, Stevie Skirt, boots, and flowing button-up is a dream. It gives major style vibes, with a free-flowing feel and our favourite feature of being perfect for doing a spin in. It evokes feelings of warmth, light, and comfort, and is great for breaking apart from the usual autumn/winter hues. Better yet? It’s perfect for all occasions, ideal as professional attire, a stylish going-out look, or great for those casual days on the patio soaking up what little warmth there is to enjoy in the sun. It makes the most of the layered look, without bordering on baggy! 

As the cold season comes in, we have to drop the swimsuits, crop tops and summer dresses, but it doesn’t mean we have to compromise on style. While many consider autumn and winter styles unanimous with baggy, daggy looks, there are so many ways to style your knits, jackets, and jumpers to create a stunning cold-season wardrobe. Regardless of whether you’re a summer lover or a winter queen, we hope our top 5 looks for staying cute and comfortable through the cold seasons help you make the most of your wardrobe through these months. 

For more inspiration on how to style your look through this season, explore our full range here for the latest styles or take a glance at our tops and jackets to find the perfect staples for you!