Tips to Choosing The Perfect Women’s Party Dress

Tips to Choosing The Perfect Women’s Party Dress | Gidgets

When it comes to the perfect party dress, there are more than just a few options to choose from. There’s an endless array of styles, designs, and colours at your disposal and all you know is that you want your dress to make you feel like a fashion icon. Luckily, we’ve figured out the best tips to choosing the perfect party dress that’ll have you feeling like an absolute star for any event, any time of the year.

The Different Types of Party Dresses


There are a variety of different types of party dresses for women to choose from, depending on what type of party you’re going to. Popular styles include:

  • Long-sleeved minis
  • The classic long dress
  • One-shoulder dresses
  • The little black dress (or LBD)
  • Strapless dresses
  • The elegant maxi dress

If the party is a formal event, then you may want to wear a dress that is knee-length or longer. For more casual events, you can choose shorter dresses.

But the truth is, even if you went to the same style of party or event every weekend, you’d still be at a wealth for choice when it comes to party dresses. There are dresses with unique necklines, sequins, embroidery, varying colours or eye-catching designs. When it comes to choosing the right type of dress for you, it’s best to find a style that suits your personality – as individual and bold as it is! 

Just take a look at how this Zest Dress gives a unique blend of elegance and fun, with its thin straps and stunning embroidery:

How to Choose the Perfect Party Dress for Your Body Type

Sure, there are a million styles to choose from and, yes, we do mean it when we say it’s about choosing the party dress that feels right for you. But a big part of choosing that dress is knowing your body type and how to work it. 

Are you tall or short? Slim or curvy? Does your skin tone suit darker shades or lighter tones? No matter your body type, here are just a few tips to choosing the perfect party dress for you:

Apple Body Type:

It’s a good idea to draw attention to your legs with high heels and short skirts or dresses, accentuating your shape with a-line silhouettes and v-necks. Wrap dresses and any other dresses that define or take attention away from the waist are perfect.

Pear Body Type:

Divert attention away from your hips with full skirt dresses or embellished necklines. Draw attention instead to the waist, back or neckline with open backs, big sleeves and belts! A-line and maxi dresses work great for this body type, with hemlines that fall just below the knee.

Rectangle Body Type:

Honestly, anything looks good on this body type. Play around with the features you wish to highlight, but any dress is designed to fit a rectangular frame. Boy, aren’t you lucky?! Explore cinched waistlines and busy prints for some added elegance.

Athletic/Inverted Triangle Body Type:

Styling this body type is all about balancing your broad shoulders by drawing attention to your lower half. Dress styles that add volume and attention to your hips and legs such as ruffles or pleats below the hips work great to define your waistline. Avoid wide necklines and off-the-shoulder styles and opt for deep and narrow necklines instead.

Hourglass Body Type:

Show off your waist and accentuate your curves. Wrap dresses, jumpsuits, sheaths and styles with cinched waists are ideal for this naturally balanced body type. 

Just see how these different women have made their party dresses work for them:

What are Some General Tips to Choose Party Dresses?


Here are just a few general tips to keep in mind when choosing the perfect party dress to help make the process as simple as possible:

  • Choose a dress that is comfortable and flattering
  • Be sure to check the size chart before you buy a dress
  • Make sure the dress is dry-cleanable or easy to wash
  • Know your body measurements and shape
  • Set a clear budget to stick to 
  • Consider event etiquette
  • Have some options!

Some of Our Favourite Party Dresses from Gidgets:


Here are just a few of our favourite picks to get you thinking:

Choosing a party dress can be difficult for women. The options really are endless and can be completely dependent on the event, weather, and how you feel on any given day. However, with the right tips and tricks on your side, it can be easy to find the perfect party dress for any occasion. We hope this blog will help you feel like a star no matter the event. Explore our full range of gorgeous dresses here for more inspiration and ideas.