Felipa Dress - Cienna Designs


Navy, white and pink – the Felipa Dress by Cienna Designs is a winner!


There is no better combination than navy, pink and white – so this Felipa Dress by Cienna Designs ticks all the boxes! This lovely floaty dress has mid length sleeves and a button neck opening. The dress is mostly navy with white but has soft pale pink bands across the hemline border and the sleeve border. It has gorgeous white embroidery detail too. So pretty.


Made in India.


Small             Medium             Large                   XLarge

Chest           46cm             50cm                   52cm                  54cm

Waist           46cm             50cm                   52cm                  54cm

Sleeve          40cm             40cm                   40cm                  40cm

Length          100cm          102cm                 104cm                106cm



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