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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | Gidgets

Mums are some of the most loving and caring people in the world. Sometimes we have to wonder how we’d actually survive without them. So when it comes to Mother’s Day, we want to show them how much we truly do love and appreciate everything they do – and what better way to do so than to give them the most thoughtful, special gift this Mother’s Day.

We know that Mums can be the best, and Gidgets can help you find just the right gift with our wide selection of fashion accessories, clothing, and gift ideas. Because our Mums deserve something as unique, special, and thoughtful as they are to say thanks for all the hard work.

Personalised Necklace

When it comes to Mother’s Day, jewelry is always a favourite. It’s the perfect way to show any Mum you care! But a personalised necklace, unique to your Mother’s specific needs and interests is the kind of next-level gift she won’t forget! You can always opt for necklaces where you can choose personalised lettering, engraving, or even designs. But if you don’t want to break the budget this Mother’s Day (as ordered… how many times does she tell you “you don’t need to spend hundreds on me”?) our selection of bohemian-style necklaces are perfect for any Boho Chic Mum!

Here are just a few ideas for the best in necklaces that are in-line with her artistic, bohemian personality!

Beautiful Key Rings

No busy Mum has time to lose her keys, especially when she’s the always-on-top of things, pack-mule that has a hundred other items to worry about. That ‘Mary Poppins’ handbag can get a little overwhelming for anyone, so one of the most thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts is the gift of organisation – a useful, stunning, hand-made keyring to help her keep on top of her keys, so she can get on top of the rest of the world with ease! With the Gidgets unique and stunning collection of handmade resin keyrings, you can give her the gift that’ll always serve the perfect purpose:

Eccentric Tops

If your Mum is the type of Mother who loves to express herself but never seems to take the time to prioritise herself and treat herself to a bit of retail-therapy every now and then, an eccentric top is a great gift idea! By giving her something to show-off that unique style and personality, she can experience the luxurious feeling of a feel-good fit that’ll help represent the very best parts of her. With an eccentric top from Gidgets, she can also experience the best in unique designs, stunning fabrics, and bohemian style. Explore the full range here, or take a look at these choice picks for Mum this Mother’s Day:

Unique Dresses

Better than an eccentric top to represent the best parts of her personality? A unique dress to truly make Mum feel and look herself. She’ll never be lacking in that feel-good, special feeling with a stunning (and comfortable) dress to accompany her on any occasion. The next time you go out for a family dinner? She’ll have the statement piece to remind her she’s still the star of the room, even after having a few kids. Gidgets makes it easy to find the perfect dress for her, with a gorgeous range of bohemian style dresses in eccentric colours, designs, with comfortable fabrics to keep even the most formal occasions a breeze. Here are a few ideas on the perfect unique dress for her:

Elegant Jewels

It’s always common to think of the classic necklace for Mother’s Day, but don’t put other jewels to the side when considering the perfect gift for her! If she’s not the type to wear necklaces, has a million already, or you just want to opt for something as special and unique as she is? Bracelets, earrings, rings, or other forms of jewelry can be the perfect option for her! When you shop the Gidgets selection of elegant jewels, you can choose from some of the most unique and gorgeous gift ideas for her. Plus, with a wide range of price-points to help suit your needs, you’ll never be at a loss. Take a look at these ideal piece for Mum this Mother’s Day:

Greeting Cards

It’s always the thought that counts when it comes to Mother’s Day, and if your Mum is like most, she’s probably forced you to “read the card first” on almost every special occasion. Mums value the kind of thoughtful, handwritten appreciation a greeting card can offer. When gift-giving this Mother’s Day, make sure to include a card that really shows you’ve been thinking about her. With a Gidgets greeting card, you can express your emotions in a variety of quirky, unique ways. We have greeting cards for all occasions, styles, and sentiments. But the one you might want most? The “To The Best Mummy Ever” card, but that’s not all that’s on offer:

Explore the full range of greeting cards and general gift items here.

Classy Sunglasses

Every Mum deserves an ultra-classy pair of sunglasses to keep her protected and in-style when she’s out conquering the world. For an easy, essential, and affordable gift idea for Mum this Mother’s Day, opt for a stunning pair of sunglasses. No Mum can ever have enough when things like sunglasses are always falling to the bottom of the car, under the pile of mess the kids left. When you shop the Gidgets range, you’ll find a unique selection of sunglasses at a perfect price point, like these Mum-approved styles:

Gidgets Mother’s Day Gift Suggestions

When it comes to giving the best gift this Mother’s Day, it’s always best to consider what the Mum in your life actually needs/likes/deserves before making your decision. Opting for the most thoughtful and considerate gift for her will go a long way in terms of how much she’ll appreciate it. If she can also use it for years to come, or as a luxurious treat? It’ll tick off a lot of those boxes and show Mum you’re really considering her and her personal needs. You’ll be sure to find the right pick for Mum anytime from Gidgets. We have a huge selection of apparel, accessories, homewares and gift items. We stock everything from personalised chocolate blocks, natural soaps, milk baths and more to treat Mum this Mother’s Day. Here are just a few of our final favourite gift ideas to show Mum you really care:


Mums spend their lives tending to the needs of others, so there’s nothing more special than showing her how much you appreciate all her efforts with the perfect Mother’s Day gift. We’ve made things as accessible and easy as possible with our suggestions for her special day. Be sure to include some quality time with her on top of your gift selection and you’ll be able to show her just how grateful you are for all she’s done. If you’re still not sure? Be sure to take a glance at our full range of homewares, gift items, apparel, accessories and more here, or give her the gift of choice with a Gift Card from Gidgets. And make her special day really count!