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Comfortable Stylish Clothes for Women to Wear I Gidgets

As women, we all want to wear clothes not just for fashion but also for comfort. Yet it can be hard to find styles that do both. Read on to discover options for clothing that are both comfortable AND stylish!

Dressing for comfort while still looking chic is a great way to feel confident.

Dressing well makes women feel good about themselves while still looking good at the same time. And once you see the options, we know you will agree with us! Here are some ideas for you to get inspired. 


What are Some Comfortable and Stylish Clothes for Women to Wear?




T-shirts are everyone’s go-to clothing. It is typically comfy, but they may be fashionable. A plain t-shirt is a versatile piece of clothing you can rock on with any jeans or skirt. And most fashionable t-shirts have an eye-catching design. 

If you’ve found a comfy t-shirt brand, the next step is to decide what logo or design you want to flex on any day of your life, making sure you can look good whenever someone might unexpectedly see you.

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Roll-neck tops


Made of soft, stretch cotton, a roll-neck top adds interest at the neckline, is extremely comfortable to wear and pairs easily with loads of other items in your wardrobe. Take a look here at the Cotton Village Roll Neck Top that comes in a wide range of colours.




Flowing Dresses


A gorgeous, comfortable flowing dress should be in every woman’s wardrobe. Bohemian dresses are ideal for every event since they can be dressed up or down and easily transition from morning to night.Take a look at the Mahala Dress here. The Mahala Dress is a silk blend wrap dress in the most amazing print. From the popular Cienna Designs brand, the Mahala Dress is made in India.



You’ll look great in a simple women’s dress dressed down with fashionable shoes and an oversized denim jacket. 

On girls’ evenings out, embellish your t-shirt dress with layered jewellery and a waist belt to show off your curves. Whatever breathable clothing style you want to achieve, a bohemian dress can help you achieve it.


What are Some Basic Principles to Follow When Choosing Clothes?

Choose the styles that suit your body type, and the colours you love at Gidgets.

Knowing the basic principles to follow can make you become your own master stylist. 

Define your style


This will help you figure out what fashionable loungewear you should wear and what clothes you should avoid. You need to be honest and figure out what you want to wear. 

Here are some questions you could answer to define your style: 

  • What is my favourite colour? (This will help you determine whether or not a particular item of clothing clashes with the colours found in your favourite colour) 
  • What styles of clothing do I find attractive? (This will help you to determine what kind of clothing you like) 
  • What colours do I find most attractive? (This will help you figure out what colour your eyes are, which will then help determine your overall style) 
  • What colours should I avoid wearing? (This will help you figure out what colours to stay away from, and the balance between colours that work well with your skin tone.) 

Defining your personal style entails developing it. 


Find out what body type you have


This can assist you in determining which clothing is appropriate for your body type and how to dress them up or down depending on the occasion. 

No one wants to buy a strapless dress that does not look good when someone is trying to lose weight. Which one of the following body types best describes you? You can select garments that fit your body type, whether it’s round, tight, or apple-shaped.

Know your colour pallet


It can help you determine which colours flatter you the most and which hues do not.  Always be aware of the current season. 

Moreover, it will allow you to choose apparel that flatters your body type and skin tone rather than what appears nice on Instagram models. 

If your skin is tanned, you might wish to look for the greatest summer attire. However, if you are not tanned and have a fair or light skin tone, avoid wearing dark hues throughout the winter months.


How to Choose the Right Clothes for Your Body Type


Styles shift swiftly, and it’s not always simple to adjust them to our beautifully unique body types. We agree that fashion should make us feel good about ourselves and the clothes we dress. We do, however, stick to suggestions rather than regulations. 

This is why we put together this helpful guide to show you how to dress for your body type and highlight your best features with clothes you already own. But first, do you know what your body type is?


Body Shape: Athletic or Rectangular


  • You have a good body proportion.
  • Your hips are wider than your shoulders.
  • Your hips are not necessarily as curvy as they appear.
  • You lack a definite waistline (if you do, you’re probably an hourglass!)

The only trick to dressing an athletic or rectangular figure is to emphasise your legs as well as other curves while balancing your broad top half. 

Remember the athletic shape general guideline once again: you should maintain the volume on the bottom or top. Keep the bottom slim or structured if you decide on an oversized top figure. Choose a flowy or oversized pant style to go with a form-fitting shirt.


Body Shape: Hourglass

  • Your body is curvy
  • Your waist is very defined.
  • Your chest and hip dimensions are close to being equal.
  • Your bust, hips, and thighs may be bigger.

The key to achieving an hourglass shape is to define and flaunt your waist. It’s time to show off your curves in body-hugging shapes and pieces that fit you just perfectly. For more tight, fitting designs, the hourglass figure is suitable. 

The beauty of this shape is that its curves are already well-balanced. Everything should be cut to accent your tiny waist, from your simplest pieces (like tees!) to your button-up business blouses.


Body Shape: The Pear

  • Your bust is larger than your waist.
  • You find your hips to be fuller.
  • Compared to your hips, your shoulders are smaller.
  • You have a fuller bottom.

Playing with proportions that extend the body is the name of the game. Statement shirts that drive the attention upward and accentuate the waist, back, or neckline look great on pear shapes. 

Are you ready for some more fantastic news? Your secret weapon is extravagant jewellery like necklaces and earrings. Make sure to show it off!

For inspiration, check out the lovely Cassie Necklace: a 5 Layered necklace, made with wooden beads and stones embellished with gold trinkets.

Body Shape: The Apple

  • You have a good body proportion.
  • Your hips are wider than your shoulders.
  • Your hips are not necessarily as curvy as they appear.
  • You lack a definite waistline (if you do, you’re probably an hourglass!)

Life is pleasant when it pertains to designing the apple shape! When you play up the breast, beautiful legs, and arms, apple, and inverted triangular forms appear great. 

The hardest-working silhouettes are those that don’t depend on a defined waistline. Choose a thick fabric that will extend your figure from the bust to the hips to add more structure. 

Tweed, raw silk, gabardine, linen, and heavier cotton (avoid jersey—it might be too thin!) are all excellent choices.

Each body is different. If you’re not an apple, try mixing and combining shapes to find the proper fit. These dressing suggestions should only be used as a starting point! 

When you give yourself a little time to look at the options, you will be confident that you can find the most comfortable clothing that matches your body shape. 

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