Coastal Boho Style

When people think relaxed coastal boho style, imaginations drift easily to the relaxed vibe of a beach house during school holidays, when we were kids running over the dunes and allowed to roam free until sunset. Fires in the sand, stars in the sky, the breeze on our faces. Here, we’ll show you the best Gidgets has to offer to help you bring that good energy into your everyday.

What is beachy boho style?

Before we share with you our top recommendations, let’s first talk about beachy boho style. In a nutshell, beach or coastal boho style puts together the carefree coastal look and the gorgeous bohemian style.

To put it simply, the coastal boho style is what you would imagine wearing to the beach but with a touch of bohemian as seen on the patterns, textures, and cut of your clothing. 

Yes, you can most definitely express your boho fashion style to the beach. Wanna know how? Continue reading as we have a lot of tips for you.

Relaxed beach style boho dresses

The first clothing item that pops in our mind when we think about the beach is a dress. Rightfully so because dresses are perfect for spending time by the seaside. Every girl feels feminine and beautiful when wearing a dress, don’t you agree?

Coastal boho style is all about relaxed beach style boho dresses that are comfortable and at the same time fashionable. Dresses of this style come in different shapes, lengths, and colours.

Nothing is more carefree than wearing a summer dress to the beach. The Becky Dress is a bestseller when it comes to coastal boho style as it features a lovely floral print and a flattering tie-up front. It’s a perfect outfit for the beach because it’s strapless, thus, easy to wear.

Wrap dresses are hot right now because they are flattering for all kinds of body types. How so? They hug the right places and accentuate your waist. This Mahala Midi Dress in Ocean shows off a nice figure while giving off a relaxed vibe with its beautiful bohemian pattern.

Another wrap dress reco is the Tara Dress with a floral print of aqua and pink. The colour and print go well together and will make you feel picture perfect. We can already see you wearing this on your next romantic date by the beach!

Breezy boho tops

Coastal boho style is not just limited to dresses. Express your style with breezy boho tops paired with either pants, jeans, or shorts. 

Take our word for it — you will never run out of outfits if you have a couple of bohemian tops in your wardrobe. All you gotta do is mix and match pieces and accessorize to create many different looks.

Simple at first glance, this ensemble looks beautiful because of the details on the Laurel Blouse. This viscose blouse in seafoam has decorative embroidery and tassels on the front which contribute to its coastal boho style vibe. Pair it with denim for an effortless look at the beach.

A variety of patterns makes the bohemian style stand out. A perfect example is this Katrina Blouse made of a silk blend material. It has a loose fit and beautiful v-neck cut which makes it fitting for coastal boho style. Add an extra “something” to this look by pairing it with dark pants and a fedora hat.

Gorgeous boho beach towels

Apart from your clothes, you can also channel your coastal boho style through your accessories and beach essentials. What’s on the top of our list of beach must-haves? Towels!

Ditch the usual white towels and up your style by having bohemian-themed towels.

With its pattern that shows heavy bohemian influence, this Moroccan Vintage Premium Towel is a great choice if you want your non-clothing items to carry a feel of boho coastal style. 

Avoid having to deal with the sandy aftermath in every beach trip as this is sand resistant and quick-drying. Oh, and have we mentioned this is made of 20-30 plastic bottles?

Never underestimate flower power in bohemian designs. Another bestselling in the Somerside brand is this Golden Hour Premium Towel. Just like the previous design, this one is also made of 20-30 plastic bottles so you get to express your style while saving the earth.

Easy to slip on shoes for days at the beach

Ladies, the expression of your style does not only end with your clothes and accessories. Your footwear speaks so much about you and your style. 

In this case, if you like boho casual style, slip on shoes are the best option there is for you. These are easy to wear and perfect for laidback outfits that exude the bohemian vibe.

Get ready for long strolls by the beach with the Lola Leather Shoe. We love wearing these slip-ons to the beach as they are comfortable and stylish. Plus, you can wear these with a dress or jeans!

Doterra essential oils, to bring the good vibes home

Did you know that you can also express boho casual style through your scent? Yes, you read that right! Some scents effortlessly remind you of the nomadic and nonchalant vibe of the coastal boho style.

What scents remind you of your bohemian phase? For us, anything earthy, fresh, and natural perfectly encapsulates coastal boho style.

One of the scents that is reminiscent of coastal boho style would probably be cedarwood. This essential oil is quite popular for its rich and warm woody smell.

Another scent that would remind you of the bohemian style would be frankincense. Many like this scent because of its soothing effect. When diffused, frankincense will help you ease a little and relax.

Ready to go by the seaside? Make sure you have all your must-haves before heading out. Keep this list in mind so you will have an idea of what to prepare if you are going for the coastal boho style.