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Boho Chic Home Decor Guide | Gidgets

The bohemian home decor trend is growing in popularity, due to its approachability, cozy atmospheres, layered eclecticism and the lived-in feel it provides. Unlike minimalist interiors or Scandinavian roots, the boho style house trend is for those who want to fill their homes with life and culture. This aesthetic embraces creative, carefree, and unconventional decor that is great for those wanting to express themselves through more than just personality or wardrobe.

Whether you’ve only just decided to make the change to boho chic themed decor or have been working on it for some time, these 8 tips will help you decorate your home in a way you’ll love!

The Basics of Boho Chic Home Decor:

When decorating your home with a boho chic style, there are just a few basics to keep in mind. First, try and consider how you’ll approach it for your own home. Some people like it subtle, while others want to go all-in with their boho style, meaning it’s a good idea to have a rough idea of what you’d like your home to look like before you get started. It’s also good to keep in mind that boho decor is not a sterile, perfect, matching-all-over, minimalist, or colourless style. It is, instead, relaxed, warm, colourful, eclectic and comfortable; giving a vibe that this home has truly been lived in (and loved).

Here are our 8 tips to make your home a boho chic wonderland.

  • A variety of textures

A boho home should never lack texture. It helps to bring in natural elements and the element of feng shui. This can be easily incorporated through baskets, planters made of unique materials, macrame wall hangings, natural fibre rugs, and more! There are a wide range of options when it comes to including textures. Even if your walls and base furnishings are clean and white, you can incorporate these textures into your home to bring a very stylish boho pop!

  • Plants, plants, plants!

Have you ever seen a picture of a boho room that doesn’t have at least 3 plants? Plants give the space a natural vibe that’s crucial when it comes to the bohemian trend. We recommend filling your home with as many living plants as you can, including hanging and vining plants that can help to add a visual interest to areas of your room that feel empty and give elevation to certain spaces. If you’re afraid to opt for too many plants because you don’t want a bug party in your home? Consider starting out with fake plants and incorporating one or two real plants where comfortable.

The best part about having plants in your home is the ability to decorate with stylish planters. At Gidgets, you can choose from a range of charming planter options to help establish a cute and creative vibe of nature.

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  • Mix of different light sources

In any decor style, lighting is a crucial element. When it comes to the eclectic, creative bohemian style, you definitely can’t forget your lighting. String lights, lanterns, candles and natural fibre pendants are great ideas for styling your boho home! You could even opt for an essential oil diffuser to help light up your home with some colour and therapeutic scents.

  • Layered rugs

Layered rugs help to add extra texture to your room, however they’re also another opportunity for you to mix patterns and colours to achieve a vibrant and eclectic boho look. Vintage rugs are great for creating your desired style. You can also easily layer rugs of any kind together to achieve an ultra boho look. And don’t worry about only shopping in the rug aisle – towels in the right pattern can achieve a stunning boho look if you style them right. 

Just take these stunning Somerside for example:

  • Patterns everywhere

Much like texture, patterns are a key element in boho decor. If you’re lost on what patterns to use, consider finding a colour palette to work off. However, keep in mind that you do need some space for your eye to rest, even if you’re going with the full-on boho look. For example, if you have a large colourful rug, try to pair your base furnishings with just a pop of accent colour that compliments it. Sometimes it’s good to consider your big (main feature) items and how they play and pair with the smaller items and trinkets. 

When it comes to smaller items, you could even consider things like themed placemats, aprons or even pot holders to catch the attention. 

  • Include handmade items

Vintage is perfect for almost any decor style, but when it comes to boho decor in your home, a few handmade pieces are a must. These pieces help to infuse your room with character, and encompass the most of the bohemian style.

  • Home fragrance

Never underestimate the impact of senses in your home. We all want to see and feel items that align with our desired style, but we often forget about the smell factor. And pleasant fragrances really do help to light up a room! Fragrance is incredibly subjective, so it’s entirely up to you which ones to incorporate, and how. You can choose from scented candles, essential oils, incense, or even just cooking some delicious ingredients on the stovetop. Find what suits your home’s personality and you’ll be loving the vibes it gives!

Here are a few ideas from Gidgets on how to fill your senses with some amazing fragrances in a really unique and stunning way:

These Woodwick Tin Candles are great for mixing fragrances with the best of natural design. They’re handmade, eco friendly, and come in a range of flavours to help keep your house smelling (and feeling) just right.

The entire doTERRA essential oil collection is a great way to incorporate some beneficial scents into your home. You can easily opt for a different oil on a different day to counteract whatever mood you need!

Like the tins, these Woodwick Bowl Candles are a perfect way of bringing some boho inspired scents and vibes into the house. In a silver, copper bowl, these candles don’t just bring in added texture through their natural ingredients…

  • Things you love!

For any style, it’s super important to decorate your home with things you truly love. Items that tell a story or come with a fond memory act as a reminder of your life journey and perfectly achieve that “lived-in” vibe you’re looking for. Sure, conversation pieces are great, but if you decorate with love, your home and everything in it will inevitably become a conversation piece anyway!


Creating a layered, eclectic boho space will take time. You’ll try things out and switch them around a hundred times before you finally find the right balance. If you keep in mind these tips and tricks to achieve the boho chic vibe in your home, you’ll be well on your way to creating an eclectic, vibrant space you’ll love! Explore the full range of Gidgets boho homewares to get inspired on just how to start styling your home.