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7 Outfit Ideas for Styling Your New Year’s Eve Look | Gidgets

There’s nothing more important than feeling and looking your best self year-round. So when it comes to the super special occasions like New Year’s Eve – and your very important New Year’s Eve look – you need the best style advice to help you start your new year the right way. Here at Gidgets, we take our fashion seriously, so we’ve developed the perfect outfit ideas for styling your New Year’s Eve look this season!

1. Bring on the Sparkle

Sparkle isn’t a new trend when it comes to the New Year’s Eve look but that’s okay! We all need a little sparkle in our lives to help us wave “goodbye” to the year we’ve had and welcome in the new one. Inject some fun flair into your night with a look that literally sparkles. Even if you’re not usually a loud person, you can easily incorporate subtle sparkle or sequin features into your look to keep it subtle, but stunning. Our Chloe Kaftan Dress in Silver is a perfect way to make your look pop while still staying comfortable enough to party the year away. But you can also opt for a bright, sparkling purse or belt to accentuate the look!

2. Statement jewels to make your NYE statement

There’s always a lot of focus on main wear with any New Year’s look, but don’t forget your jewellery! Earrings or necklaces are always an easy way to spice up an outfit, especially if you want to make a low-key look pop. A statement necklace to dance along with you through your New Year festivities is a must! Plus, it’ll make sure you always bring that special sparkle to your New Year’s Eve look. Check out our full range of accessories (including stunning statement necklaces) here.

3. The jumpsuit to jumpstart your New Year

Done with the dresses and skirts that only ever hold your New Year’s Eve up (or should we say… trip it up)? Jumpsuits are the perfect answer to NYE done right! Combining the ideal amount of sleek, stylish, and oftentimes statement-like design of jumpsuits with your New Year’s Eve look will mean you can party the year away as the girl boss you are – without being held back by anything. Here at Gidgets, we’ve got a huge range of jumpsuits to explore here.

4. An Unforgettable Jacket

Nothing is more important than staying warm on New Year’s Eve, so make sure to throw some effort into your outfit with a statement piece of outerwear. Red is always a favourite for making a NYE look pop, but you can go with anything from a furry coat to a patterned trench – as long as it makes you feel ready to tackle the last of the year! The Gidgets range of outerwear has you covered for all degrees of cold and stylish.

5. The comfortable but classy pants

Pants offer a tonne of comfort for your NYE look and they’re an ideal choice if you’re opting for a more casual New Year’s Eve experience. If the jumpsuit is a little too much, a classic pair of jeans or corduroy pants are the perfect addition to your wardrobe to welcome in the new year, even if you’re celebrating from the couch. Explore our full range of bottoms at Gidgets here.

comfortable but classy nye

6. The ultimate dress to wrap up the New Year

There’s one classic we can’t forget when it comes to a stunning New Year’s Eve look that’ll bring you into the new year in style: the stunning feature dress. Yeah, we’ve touched on sparkle. But there’s a big difference between your stunning sequin/sparkle/slip dress that’ll turn heads and a stunning, flowing dress that’ll offer comfort, colour, and confidence, everywhere you go. Here at Gidgets, we have a huge selection of stunning Bohemian-style dresses, perfect for wrapping up the New Year in a really unique and “free spirited” way.

the floral statement look

7. The purse to carry you through

When it comes to NYE and the crucial NYE look, it’s important to incorporate a way to carry all those essentials through the night (and into the new year). Don’t forget to bring either a purse or bag to help accentuate your look, while also keeping it super functional.

Use a glittery, sparkly statement purse or bag to show the world who you are, keep it simple with plain leathers, or play with texture to keep your entire look on-pont (and organised!). New Year’s? Ready!

Explore our full range of bags and wallets here.


Here at Gidgets, we understand it’s important to look + feel your best year-round, but especially on the last night of the year! When it comes to styling your New Year’s Eve look, it’s important to consider what function you’re looking for. But from there? The options are endless. Our outfit ideas for your New Year’s Eve look prove there’s never a dull moment when it comes to ending your year, even if it’s spent on the couch!