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6 Fashion Tips for Women Over 50 | Gidgets

As women age, their bodies change, and it becomes more difficult to find clothes that fit well and look flattering. This can be especially true if you’re looking to update your wardrobe with the latest trends in terms of colours, silhouettes, textures, and shapes. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice your style just because you’re entering this new decade in your life. Here are 6 fashion tips that will help you dress well no matter how old you are!

Use Colours That Accentuate Your Skin Tone

It’s generally easier to wear clothing that enhances your natural colouring, so if you’re not sure what colours do that, try a colour wheel for inspiration. For instance, pink or purple will make your skin look rosy and fresh. Red is also a good option because it makes pale skin look flushed and healthy. White can help you get away with wearing black without looking too harsh. Bright greens and blues are great options, too—they provide contrast while still emphasizing your best features. Keep in mind these principles when dressing yourself; even if other people don’t notice right away, you’ll know you look good!

Check out these stunning pops of colour our over 50s rocked:

Look For Details

The perfect outfit is about more than just your body type. In fact, when it comes to dressing well and looking fashionable at any age, we’re all more similar than different. And that’s because what you wear on a daily basis matters—it has a direct impact on how you present yourself to others, and ultimately affects your confidence level. More specifically, mastering details is critical; from avoiding over-accessorising (which can make you look older) to choosing colours that flatter your complexion (an easy fix if you know where to start), these details are truly where it’s at.

Wear Fabrics That Work With Your Body Shape

Regardless of your age, if you feel and look great in a certain fabric or colour, go ahead and wear it! The key is to make sure it flatters your figure. For example, if you have a curvier frame, stick with more fitted silhouettes and fabrics that are flowy so they help give off an illusion of length. If you’re on the petite side, avoid wearing loose blouses; instead, opt for A-line dresses with midi skirts to balance out your stature. If you’ve got a fuller chest, stick with tops and dresses that can create some shape by nipping at your waist or highlighting your shoulders. Above all else, remember—you don’t need to fit into society’s outdated definition of what’s beautiful to dress stylishly. All it takes is some thoughtfulness about how certain colours play off one another and choosing pieces that highlight what makes you stand out as an individual.

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Don’t Rely on Undergarments

There is nothing wrong with a little extra padding—especially if you’re self-conscious about hitting the ‘over 50’ ballpark. But, these days, there are amazing shapewear options that can give you back your confidence in an instant. If you’re wearing undergarments to smooth out lines and enhance curves, try shapewear instead. From control-top pantyhose to girdles, these products will help reshape your silhouette without compromising comfort or mobility.

Stay True to Yourself

While you may be aware of fashion trends and season-specific clothing, it’s important to remember that not every trend is going to work for your body. Be true to yourself and your style; there’s no need to try on outfits that don’t make you feel good just because they look great on a model or appear on trendy runway shows. You are what makes these pieces work! And if an outfit doesn’t fit, move on to something else. Confidence is always key when it comes to rocking your look at any age, just see for yourself:

Shop Online with Gidgets!

Buying clothes online is a trend that has been growing in popularity with middle-aged women. Even if you’re not comfortable shopping in person, there are many great ways to find and buy fashion items over the internet. Sites like Gidgets allow you to keep your eyes open to fresh trends while avoiding any uncomfortable encounters, with true Australian sizing and their own size guide to match. There’s no reason why older women can’t wear what they want and look fashionable too!

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Just because you’re over 50 doesn’t mean you have to dress like your mother. In fact, dressing fashionably at any age is all about playing up your strengths and minimising your weaknesses, regardless of what decade you fall into. If you feel confident in a bodycon dress but think it makes you look boxy, try a flowing skirt instead. Keep an open mind when trying out new trends; new styles could be just what you need to look good at work and beyond. Wear clothes that fit — they’ll flatter you more than anything else. And never forget: no matter how old you are, wearing stylish clothes shows confidence. If you don’t know where to start shopping, check out websites like Gidgets — and let your friends and intuition be your guide. After all, no one knows better than you!