10 Christmas outfit ideas

10 Cute Christmas Outfit Ideas for Women | Gidgets

Christmas is here again! So, we’ve curated a list of our favourite 10 outfits for women who want to look both chic and seasonal. Perfect for Christmas parties and casual outings that are ahead, we hope you’ll find our top picks useful and inspiring this Christmas season!

1st Christmas Outfit: Rachel Top

Want a little casual, chic, but classy magic this Christmas? The Rachel top with a stunning pair of white pants is the perfect look to rock this holiday season! Boasting a light-weight, handmade fabric ideal for those sunny seasons, it’s the perfect pop of colour to keep you feeling confident this Christmas.

2nd Christmas outfit: Tier Sundress – BlueBerry

Tiered dresses are characterised as having a series of overlapping layers, and are great at wrapping you in the best look this Christmas. Our Tier sundress from BlueBerry is a favourite for special occasions, thanks to its beautiful cotton design and feel. It’ll give you just the boost you need for Christmas lunch, dinner, parties, or just your casual (but chic) outings! Rock it with some stunning jewellery or accessories from our collection at Gidgets for the ultimate Christmas outfit!

3rd Christmas Outfit: Cap Tier Floral Dress

For the best in festive looks this Christmas, the 100% cotton Cap Tier Floral Dress from BlueBerry is fun, chic, and a simple favourite that’ll be sure to offer you the right amount of comfort and class. With its stunning print and design, it’s a perfect statement piece on its own or layered with some eclectic jewellery.

Cap Tier Dress Floral - BlueBerry

4th Christmas Outfit: Oba Shirt

Our Oba shirt is the perfect addition to any Christmas outfit! With its stunning design and quality, it’s a great way to make your look pop, while also keeping comfortable and casual enough to actually enjoy your Christmas event (of any kind). It’s the perfect all-rounder: wear it with a denim skirt or jeans for a casual look, or rock it with pants of any feature colour to keep that Christmas outfit popping.

5th Christmas Outfit: Mahala Dress

Ah… The Mahala dress, a timeless choice. We love the Mahala look here at Gidgets. We believe it’s not just great for giving you that loose, airy feeling of their silk blend, but also that iconic look. And it’s perfect for any occasion: especially Christmas. It’s the ultimate summer statement piece! Matched with a set of Rufus boots and Fedora Wool hat? You’ll be rocking the Christmas function. Check out these Mahala looks:

We have a huge selection of Mahala dresses at Gidgets, explore our full dress range here.

6th Christmas Outfit: Jean Denim Jacket

So… it’s summer, but that DOESN’T have to mean we throw the jackets out! A jean denim jacket can offer ideal protection from the sun during those Christmas lunches, or help keep you warm once the sun goes down. The truth is, you can rock a jean denim jacket with any festive look as a stylish accessory. Plus, if you’ve got any festive patches or pins, it’s a great opportunity to show them off!

Jean Denim Jacket

7th Christmas Outfit: Black T- shirt

Yes, okay, it sounds a little lame. However, when you’re good at overdoing the festive touches on your outfit? A simple black t-shirt can do a great job of balancing your look! Plus, our Essential Black tee is an adorable addition to any outfit – it offers the perfect amount of casual and chic to pull together your look. Check out how we’re styling it for a simple, yet effective, Christmas look:

8th Christmas Outfit: Stevie Skirt

We love ourselves a Stevie Skirt look for summer here at Gidgets. Which means Christmas is no different! It’s the perfect way to liven up a look and, if you’re a bit like us and need a way to handle the summer heat? It’s the perfect addition to any Christmas outfit!

9th Christmas Outfit: Floral Window Silk Shirt

The Floral Silk Window Shirt makes a huge difference to a look and it’s a great way to incorporate some festive colours and concepts into your outfit, without overdoing it. Made with a blend of silk and viscose, it’s soft, silky and so easy to wear. It’s a great addition to your Christmas look. For a casual look? Incorporate it with a simple pair of jeans or denim skirt. If you want to stand out from the crowd? Use it as your statement piece alongside a stunning skirt or pants, potentially in strong block colours to help the effect really stand out. Check out this casual Floral Window Silk Shirt look for Christmas:

10th Christmas Outfit: Fray Silk Skirt: Femme Fatale

The final (but the favourite) Christmas outfit idea from us is our Fray Silk Skirt from Femme Fatale. Made in Italy from 70% silk and 30% viscose, these skirts are absolutely stunning with a beautiful movement as you walk. The layers of frayed silk and the super soft waistband make this skirt an absolute delight to wear – especially for festive occasions. With a choice in colour, you’ll have so many options with how to style this look:


Christmas is coming and, whether you love to dress up or just want to find a way to combine comfort and chic for the festive season, we’ve included outfit ideas and styles that’ll help get you in the spirit. Now, all you have to do is choose your pieces, put them together, and make sure everything is under the Christmas tree!